5 Divine Tips Fr Using Pinking Shears

Is crafting and creating garments something that you passionately enjoy? If so, then you need new equipment in your sewing kit and is the pinking shears. We wouldn’t say that it is the most basic of tools you need while stitching and sewing; it is so far something you need — if you want to take up your craft to a different level.

So, if you think you are an advanced skilled garment maker, add pinking scissors to the list! We are going to list down a few tips for our experts and beginners that might make using pinking shears much less complicated and much more manageable.

Pick the right pair

Keep an eye out for quality manufacturers, and do not just grab what you find the cheapest. Moreover, you should check if they are durable by seeing their built and sturdiness. The handle grip on the pinking shears needs to be comfortable and not too big nor too small to manage while cutting. Other than that, it needs to have sharp blades so that your clothing can have seamless cuts to it. Also, the ideal pinking shear would be able to cut through any kind of cloth.

Cut the raw edges of the sewn fabric.

The primary purpose of pinking shears is to make the edges of clothing seamless and free of loose threads with the help of its zig-zag pattern and sharpened scissor blades. The over-lock method is commonly used to do this; however, pinking shears are cheaper and more timesaving. If you do not have a serger available, using pinking shears will surely save your day. No more fraying fabrics are going to br troubling you. Moreover, you can also cut in a curve if you need to.

Hold the fabric properly.

Whatever fabric you chose, make sure that you are holding both the fabric and the pinking shears straight. Only once you use this mannerism is when you will get your desired result. When you are cutting, make sure to start with the blades’ back ends instead of the front ones. Unlike usual scissors, pinking shears give more precision with the back pair of blades. Maintain this to get a clear and clean cut. lAlso, do not hold your fabric loosely as that might cause the material to become frayed. Before you cut with pinking shears, stitch the seams so that you have enough fabric to cut.

Be patient

Pinking shears can be tricky to work with, so you have to patient while learning how to use them. Do not go all-in trying to cut all the fabric pieces at once, but cut one at a time. Not only will this help you have more control, but also you would be able to cut the fabric comfortably. Keep a weighted object on the cloth to give you a good grip while cutting one end of the material. 

Avoid other materials

It is ideal to only use pinking shears on what they are meant to be used on — fabric. Pinking shears, just like any other tools with sharp blades, becomes blunt if used for the right purpose. They are made in such a way that they only cut fabric. So, do not use them for cutting soft metals or plastic. If you end up making the blades dull, then you would have to take it to a professional to sharpen the blades of the pinking shears for you.

We hope this article was a great learning process for you and will help you pinking shears with much more expertise. It is never a bad idea to try out our tips and let us know what you think of them!